[2017 42, 43, and 46] weekly favorites rewind

This post is a part of the weekly favorite rewind series. The reviews below were based on how I thought back in 2017.

Stranger Things S02

(2017) Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp

And the babies are back. Except they’re bigger now and all dealing with crushes and stuff. This season focused more on the main character of Season 1 but we barely saw any of him there – Will. It’s like how he is dealing with the stress of being held in the Upside Down and getting back to the real world.

Noah is such a fine young actor. The boy makes you feel his pain. There’s pretty much less El this season, and when we get her, her parts are pretty meh. I get the whole finding out who she really is, but as I read somewhere, taking out the characters from the setting doesn’t really work and takes out some of the magic.

One arc I loved is Steve’s and him being momma hen with the kiddos. He may have lost Nancy to Jonathan, but he got incredible character development in exchange! He learned to care more about other people than his king bee status.


(1964-1972) Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead

I am far from finishing this one but I absolutely love it. Newlyweds, disagreement with the mother-in-law, and magic is a fun mix to watch. This wouldn’t have worked if not for the great chemistry between the actors. Elizabeth and Dick totally work the married couple and Agnes is a total diva with her mother-in-law character.

Also great that the humor of the 60s as shown here still works very well for me.

House MD

(2004-2012) Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps

I see why a lot of people love this asshole haha. He makes me really sad, cause he is just plain miserable. And he thinks like he doesn’t deserve to even think of being happy. He’s a total genius, cures people but don’t want to even talk to them. I love his dynamics with the team. Yes he’s very mean but got to admit, he’s able to push the guys to their limit.

And despite knowing how things will end up, I still ship the hell out of him with Cameron haha. And I actually fear the upcoming episodes.

Really amazing of his closest friends, especially Wilson, to be able to last this long with him. But then, he’s seen House in a better state maybe he really just has high hopes for him despite everything.

The Good Doctor

(2017) Freddie Highmore, Antonia Thomas, Nicholas Gonzalez

What a great show. While I really loved the original Korean version, this one is really on another level. I believe this version deals more with the autism and the original is really more of the drama with the family and work.

I also like that Shaun here is not child-like and more of a person trying to grow up and be independent which I think works more with western audience.

Freddie is a sensational actor. This guy nails the character so much. He plays the genius and sassy character of Shaun so well. And same goes for the other actors.

Indeed this show really did a great job with the casting. Just a bummer that the audience would have to wait long to get to the bromance with Shaun and Melendez. Well if they will ever get to that. Nevertheless I really love the show and the characters’ relationship.

featured image from: https://blog.cyrildason.com/tv-series-review-house-m-d/

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