[2020 01] weekly favorites

Starting this series quite late so I’ll be compiling my favorites from weeks 1-3 of January. There weren’t a lot anyway. Usually I get to discover a lot of good new music in a month but it seems pretty slow for me this time. Or it’s really because I got too busy and didn’t have […]

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Ms. Fine and the pain

I actually got teary-eyed at this episode because, I don’t know, pain?? I really felt it in my heart when Fran realized that she can’t leave Mr. Sheffield. That her place has always been with him. And it totally sucks that he isn’t ready to act on his feelings for her yet and she has […]

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Last Christmas

Christmas with my family I think has been ‘livelier’ the past 2 years and I’m attributing that to my niece. There really is something different when there’s a kid at home. People just make extra effort to make things special. We don’t have any special programs or whatnot during Christmas Eve, we just hang out […]

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